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Bluetooth Technology

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      The name Bluetooth came from a privately held trade association called, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)[1].  Bluetooth wireless technology serves as the link  to connect different applications to one another, such as cellphones, computers, and automotive markets[1]. Bluetooth technology is defined by Bluetomorrow.com, as a short-range wireless radio technology that allows electronic devices to connect to one another. Generally speaking, Bluetooth has a range of up to 30 ft. or greater, depending on the Bluetooth Core Specificiation Version. Some newer devices, using more up-to-date versions of Bluetooth, have ranges of over 100 ft.


     Bluetooth was founded in September of 1998 by SIG, in Scandinavia[1].  The word bluetooth comes from the name of a 10th century Danish King, King Harald Bluetooth.  SIG's Swedish telecom manufacturer, Ericsson, decided to honor the Danish King by naming the new invention after him. This caught the eye of many other big industries, such as Nokia, Toshiba, IBM, and Intel.  Within a year, 3Com, Lucent, Microsoft and Motorola had joined the promoter group. The main purpose of bluetooth was to be a wire replacement technology, that could transfer rapidly voice and data [1].  

How Bluetooth Technology Works

     Bluetooth networking transmits data via low-power radio waves, communicating on a frequency of around 2.45 gigahertz.  This band of frequency has been set aside by international government officials for the use of industrial, scientific and medical devices(ISM) only [2]. There are numerous items that are commonly used on a daily basis that employ the same type of radio-frequency band. A few items that employ this same type of radio-frequency band include, baby monitors, garage-door openers, and the newest generation of cordless phones.


      Bluetooth is utilized as a hands-free gadget, and can be found in cell phones, cars, and wireless head sets. The most common of all bluetooth accessories is cell phone adaptors.  A cell phone adaptor is a wireless ear piece that can partner up with a phone and can be answered or called without even touching the cell phone itself. It has proven to be a great convenience when driving, doing homework, cleaning, surfing the Internet and exercising. Some cars contain a bluetooth technology system in them, that can connect to any cell phone that harbors bluetooth capabilities. When an individual wants to make a call, they simply dial the call on the bluetooth system harbored in the car, and employ the car speakers for easy listening. The bluetooth system also harbors the ability to respond to voice commands, research passed dialed calls, and dial calls within seconds; thus making it simpler and some might argue safer, to talk on the phone while driving.


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