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A newspaper is a form of written communication taht is published and distributed on a weekly or daily basis and contains current news, editorial, feature articles and advertising.  Newspapers are usually printing on low-cost paper and appears frequently and regularly. [1] Newspapers tend to focus there information on teh geographical location that they are located and distributed.  Most of the modern printed tradition newspapers have editorial sections that allow for readers and writers to voice their opinions.  Many current newspapers include sections of interest such as comics, advertisements and coupons. [2]



Prior to the development of the printing press and the production of hand written bullitens, news was exchanged orally around campfires, at markets and in passing. [3]


In Rome, Julius Caesar requested that handwritten bulletins be posted every day during the 1st century BC and this is the earliest journalist effort called the Acta Diurna.  The Acta Diurna was handwritten daily news sheets that contained information on politics, trials, military campaigns, executions and scandals. [3] 


The Chinese government published news bulletins that were called tipao and were circulated primarily amongst the government officials of the Han dyanasty (202 B.C. to A.D. 221). [3]

Types of Newsprint




      Electronic Paper

Circulation and Readership





Future of Newspaper publishing


Implications of Media Ecology


As the advancements of technology continue to increase our information superhighway, consumers may result in for interactive, direct forms of information.




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