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The Alphabet

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The alphabet and the history of it comes from ancient Egypt.  Around 2000 BC is when the first pure alphabets came about in anciet Egypt.   It appeared as a, "representation of language developed by Semitic workers in Egypt." (The Alphabet)  There are numerous different alphabets that exist in the world.  They either descended from a discovery of some kind, or some how came about from the design.  The designs where either the Phoenician alphabet or the Greek alphabet. 


The Phaistos Disk:

This disk was found by an archeologist.  People were (just like today) curious out there.  So as they were being curious they came across this disk.  "Its purpose, meaning, and geographical place of manufacture, reamin disputed, making it one of the most famour mysteries of archaeology." (The Alphabet)  There has yet, to this day, been something even comparable to the Phaistos Disk.  It is significant.  The Phaistos disk has a small number of comparable symbols, which are known from Cretan inscriptions.  Cretan inscriptions are also known as Cretan hieroglyphs.  The Phaistos Disk can be found in the archaeological museum of herakleion in Crete, Greece on display.  (The Alphabet). 

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