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The Alphabet

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Overview of Alphabet:

The Alphabet is a system of written and printed langUage in which each symbol generally represents one sound. [2]  An Alphabet is a standardized set of letters-- basic written symbols--- each of which roughly represents a phoneme, a spoken language, either as it exists now or as it was in the past. [3]  The English alphabet is nowhere near the the ideal phonographic significance.  There is not always that proper distinction between the alphabet letters and their syllabaries.  Syllabic signs, like letters, represent small units of pronunciation, typically a spoken consonant followed by a spoken vowel. [2]  The letters in the alphabet are typically part signs that have nothing to do with the alphabet.  Things such as punctuation marks, diacritics, ideograms, and logograms. [2]  "THe most funamental distinction among writing systems, however, is between the p[honographic principle and the ideographic or logographic principle." [2]  Chinese letters is usually notified as ideographic which means it has numerous characters that represent meanings and not sounds.  However, phonographic systems are just the opposite because the phonographic symbols represent sounds and not

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